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Japanese Mini Clubman 1100 (Black) 1:43 Scale

SKU/Part Number

VA13502B Limited Edition

Extended Description

Although not officially sold by the manufacturer in the Japanese market until 1985, the Mini became a cult car in Japan. In fact, in 1992 when the Mini was a 33 year old design, 26.9% of all production was going to Japan, which was well over 10,000 cars. The UK market was only taking 22.8% at the time.

Firms such as Mini Maruyama had begun importing Minis to Japan outside of the BMC/BL dealer network in the early 1970s and this market grew so much that they were eventually buying in bulk from UK dealers. Realising the potential, Austin/Rover engineered an air conditioning system, which was essential in the Japanese market and re-launched the car.

Engine: 1098cc OHV
Power: 45bhp @ 5250rpm
Torque: 56lb.ft @ 2700rpm
Maximum speed: 83mph
0-60 mph: 16.7secs.